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  Amino Acids

What is an amino acid?

Amino acids are molecules that form protein. Proteins are digested by the enzymes in the digestive tract turning them into amino acids. Genacol® is a collagen-based amino acid complex.

Amino acids are fundamental nutrients that are indispensable to the organism: components of protein, irreplaceable structural agents for muscles, chromosomes neurotransmitters, antibodies, sensory receptors and certain hormones.

The body has a continual need for amino acids to create 2.5 million red blood cells every second to replace the blood platelets and the enterocytes (intestinal cells), and every 8 to 10 days to renew most of the leucocytes etc... In other words, protein synthesis is incessant, therefore our requirements for amino acids must be sufficient, especially the essential amino acids. To maximize the absorption of protein and amino acids we need to favour the antioxidants and zinc in our food or by supplementation.

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Amino acids and nutrition

Protein is constituted by a chain of amino acids. During digestion and with the action of certain specific enzymes, this chain is divided, liberating the amino acids. It is necessary that the body has all the essential amino acids to synthesise its own protein. There are 20 amino acids that compose protein.

Certain amino acids can be fabricated in the body, but others must be provided by food. These are called essential amino acids. This is where a nutritional supplement of collagen like Genacol® can help maintain healthy joints*.

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Where do the amino acids found in Genacol® come from?

Genacol® is made of proteins that are taken from subcutaneous bovine source and are hydrolyzed, (purified with our unique enzymatic process). Then, Genacol International Corp Inc., concentrates certain fragments of the amino acids which have undergone strict analyses confirming that the product is completely safe and secure. The raw product comes from Brazil where no BSE (mad cow disease) has ever been reported.  The product is certified by Health Canada, among others, so that Genacol® meets the highest neutraceutical standards. Genacol® is the best we can make because our employees and our family members take it!

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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