Genacol -- AminoLock® Sequence Technology  
  AminoLock® Sequence Technology

Genacol is a hydrolyzed collagen product, created by a unique enzymatic and manufacturing process. This process is called the Amino-LockŪ Sequences Technology..

The unique manufacturing procedure, called AminoLockŪ Sequence Technology, is an exclusive approach developed by the research and development department of Genacol Group and consists of an enhancement of certain amino acids of collagen. GenacolŪ is manufactured in respect of the highest biotechnological standards and complies with all government requirements.

Our GenacolŪ collagen hydrolysate is a safe, formulated substance that stimulates the production of different kinds of collagen in the body. This bioactive complex, formulated from pure collagen, produces significant results in the human body when used on a regular basis. GenacolŪ is a unique protein complex and no other collagen product on the market contains its profile and concentration of specific amino acids.

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