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  Genacol® Studies

In an independent study3 by Dr. Stephen Ho, a well known trauma physician, Genacol was compared with liquid Type II collagen and an OTC market collagen using five test groups. After 90-days, Dr. Ho’s conclusion was that Genacol was far superior to the liquid or market collagens. He also concluded that Genacol, taken on a regular basis, resulted in a more youthful appearance and feeling. Pains were reduced along with a significant decrease in body weight and body fat. He also reported the Genacol group reported a more restful and longer sleep period, and more energy during the activity hours.

Dr. Patrick Price, a Houston health professional, conducted another sizable independent three group study of Genacol. Dr. Price found that Genacol produced highly observable improvement in energy, arthritic and injury pain relief, and skin texture.

These and other tests worldwide come to similar conclusions: the collagen matrix and collagen Type II work. But research has shown Genacol to be the most usable and easiest to assimilate of all the collagen products available in the market place. Taking 2-3 Genacol capsules everyday will reduce pain and promote healing in tendons, cartilage and joints. It will help you look and feel younger at any age. In addition, its known side effects are the loss of weight and body fat.

To read additional studies on the powerful benefits of collagen, click here.

Read this special report about Download a free digital version of our new 32 page book on Why Genacol is Superior to Other Collagen Products (pdf file - 5.3 megs).


3See Rx ForYouth by Warren H. Chaney, Ph.D. pages 68-72 for more details of these tests and its results.

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